10 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Customers

You already know that it’s easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than it is to chase down new customers. That’s what re-marketing is all about. But how do you stay on your customers’ radar, so they don’t forget about your products and services? Here are ten easy ways you might not have thought about:

1. The easiest and most common way is through email. But instead of the same old coupons that are only useful if the customer spends a lot of money, why not try something new? How about a survey? They’re easy to create through www.SurveyMonkey.com and you can email your customers the link. Use them in a serious way to find out why your customers buy from you as well as their preferences on new products and services. Or use them in a lighthearted way to help you pinpoint areas where your customers think you can improve.

2.  How about a party invitation? This will work especially well if your customers are based in your region but even if your customers are scattered all over the country, why not send them party hats, a bag of confetti, and an invitation to a short but fun teleseminar? Offer free virtual drinks and games to play with those little umbrellas.

3.  Everybody likes free stuff. Why not offer your customers a funny bumper sticker for every new lead they give you? A tote bag for every three leads? A t-shirt for every five leads? Or just send them the funny sticker as a thank you and offer the other gifts as incentives?

4. Invite them into a chat session where you’re brainstorming new products and services and reviewing problems in your sales structure. They’ll feel invested in your company and you’ll get some great ideas from their fresh input.

5. Create an online community. Set up a forum on your site or on a companion site and invite your customers to participate. Ask your oldest or best customers to act as custodians of various groups and see if they’ll mentor new customers in the ways to get the best out of your products and services. Soon your community will attract the attention of strangers who will be drawn in and become new customers. Your participation in the forum will also prove that you are invested in what your customers have to say.

6. Create a club for your customers, where membership gives them access to discounts and special offers. Make it clear that these extras are only available to club members. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to charge money for participation, but whatever you choose, do not start out free and then switch to a pay model. That just makes your customers feel cheated. If your for-pay model isn’t working out, you can always switch to free memberships and make your customers feel like they’re getting something for nothing.

7. Run a contest for your customers. Ask them to design a new banner advertisement or slogan for your business. Reward and celebrate the winners.

8. Ask your reliable customers to act as expert users and help guide your newer customers through the intricacies of your products and services. You could create your own version of the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides, with levels of accomplishment and “badges” for them to earn.

9. Offer one to two hour-long teleseminars for free or a discounted price for existing customers. Conduct a quick review of the best ways to utilize your products and services, and then go over new strategies for using them. Discuss your plans for future work and get feedback on possible directions you are considering taking your business.

10. Call your client. In this age of electronic communication, sometimes the simple human voice is exceptional. And don’t make it all about you and your new products or services. Ask them how they’re doing and how their business is running. Inquire about what you can do for them.

As the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” Get yourself in front of your customers and stay there. Don’t let them forget about you and your business.


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